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Maria Hatzistefanis, Mrs Rodial, Owner of Rodial and Nip and Fab

When I was starting out in my business I learnt a lot from Maria's first book "How I became an Overnight Success". Primarily I took a lot of reassurances from it.

It can be a lonely place setting up on your own, you are trying to do every role yourself. Being hands on and keeping so many balls in the air you do not have time to lift your head up and take stock. So when I read the book, even the simple realisation that I was not alone and what I was going though was normal for a start-up was a relief.

 The way Maria tells her eighteen year journey to overnight success is very informative and unlike many similar books very transparent. From the simple steps to actually getting started and lessons learnt through to how to stay motivated and her personal mantra "How to make it happen".

 Therefore when her new book recently arrived with that title it was a must read for me. With a surprisingly honest introduction you feel right in the mix with Maria using real life examples of the ups and downs she faces on a daily basis.

  From her personal experience Maria shares how she has learnt to keep all the balls up in the air through simple steps around planning, motivation and self care. Here are some of the takeaways which resonated with me:-  

  • Just take Action.
  • Have a Mega Make it Happen Day.
  • Compare yourself to your previous self not others.
  • If in doubt always go back to the Why?

So if you are starting up a business or have a goal you want to achieve both books will impart invaluable knowledge which is being genuinely shared to empower you the reader.